Are bilingual people really smarter? Mmm... Why BiIinguals are Smarter is the title of a recent New York Times article and it goes into some detail breaking down the differences between a monolingual mind and a bilingual mind.

This is an interesting and provocative read. Here it is.

This article does not reference a study a few years back by a Canadian neuroscientist Dr Ellen Bialystok, who in her studies, found that bilingual people from youth offset dementia related diseases like Alzheimer's by, on average, four years. Read that article here.

To read the full article in the NY Times, go here or click on the image below.
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Comment by Bryan B on April 4, 2012 at 6:18pm

I have always admired anyone who can speak more than 1 language. I often feel that I dont speak english correctly and now here I am learning a new language. Being in the program over a year now has made me realize that i dont have to think when I speak english but spanish I do. However, this process is changing.

Comment by Ben Pennington on April 10, 2012 at 10:18am

Have to read the article, but just to briefly comment, it makes sense as any way that we can keep our mind challenged and learning is sure to increase our intelligence and also keep us mentally fit and healthy.  Most people in society stop learning new things at a certain point and I would imagine some sort of hardening and then atrophy occurs, but to keep your mind challenged and even feeling overwhelmed with new difficult material is a good thing for your mental health and intelligence, I would imagine!   


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