Three Impact Services

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1. Crisis Management. We are living in culturally complex times and from time to time we all need a helping hand. If you, or your organization, are facing a serious cultural challenge, we can help you to both respond and recover.

2. Cultural Assessment: We assess the cultural health and skill of your teams so you know their exact strengths and weaknesses. We measure six specific area; cultural background, cultural experience, cultural stereotypes, cultural leadership, cultural terminology, and cultural knowledge. This is a deep and eye-opening experience. We produce a Cultural Health and Skill Report that graphs 30 separate data points and gives a clear and compelling picture of your team’s cultural health and skill.

3. Keynote Speeches: Our founder and CEO, Ricardo González, is available for keynote speeches that will both inspire and impact. He is an experienced and sought-after public speaker who is also a Professional Member of The National Speakers Association. His full bio is here.