There are many reasons to learn Spanish well and below we’ve highlighted six for your consideration. Consider them and then determine if you believe it would be in your best interest to learn Spanish well.

1. Be vocationally viable.

Many people find that being bilingual is a huge boost to their ability to get promoted or to find a job. This makes sense; if you and a fellow applicant both have equal skills and background, and the other person is bilingual and you’re not, well, you know who will get the job!

2. Make more money.

Did you know that the Hispanic purchasing power in the United States is over 1.2 Trillion dollars annually? Almost every major company actively markets to the nation’s only high-growth demographic. Small business growth rate among Latinos in the United States far outpaces any other group of people. There are now more than 30,000 Latino-owned business doing more than a million dollars a year in business. In fact, did you know that the world’s richest man, Carlos Slim, is Mexican? There is serious money in the Latino market; both domestically and internationally.

3. Make a social impact.

A demographic in high-growth mode that has yet to fully assimilate also faces some serious social issues. Presently, nearly 45 percent of all Latinos in the United States do not finish High School. 40 percent of all people being sentenced to federal prison are Latinos. The single mother rate in the Hispanic demographic is 45 percent. These numbers are disturbing but they also underscore the need for those of us who care to get serious about making a serious impact in the Latino culture. Of course, we are also all aware of the many serious needs throughout the rest of Latin America.

4. Improve your brain power.

Many studies show conclusively that learning a second language is good for your brain. Learning to process a new language increases your neuronic activity. One important study by some prominent neuroscientists even shows that people who are bilingual from youth offset dementia related diseases (like Alzheimer’s Disease) by four years on average. Regularly speaking two languages or more is like a work-out for the brain! This helps keep people mentally sharp for a longer period of time.That’s right, being bilingual just may save your brain!

5. Communicate with family and friends.

You may have friends or family who are first language Spanish speakers. It is a life-changing experience for you (and them!) for you to be able to speak with them in Spanish. Many Spanish learners can testify about the life-changing experience of being able to communicate freely with people they love and care about. In life’s most important and meaningful moments, if you speak Spanish well, you’ll be able to be there with and for, all your family and friends.

6. Travel more enjoyably and effectively.

Travel in the Spanish-speaking world is a fantastic experience. If you’re going to go, don’t rely on others to get you around. Prepare yourself by learning Spanish well and you’ll get better deals, make friends more easily, have more impact on the people you meet, make more sales, and enjoy yourself more. By learning Spanish you’ll enjoy the true richness of the Latino culture and open a new and exciting world right here in our own hemisphere.

You may have your own reason(s) and we hope this has helped you to strongly consider the many compelling reasons to learn Spanish.

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