“This book clearly explains what works and what doesn’t in adult Spanish training. It’s the process I recommend to my friends and colleagues. A very informative read!”

Dr. Jonathan Brown, President Emeritus, Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of the State of California

What Our Clients say

Hal Stratton recommends Bilingual America

I needed to learn Spanish to communicate with leaders in other countries. Bilingual America made this a reality for me as I was able to communite well with other national leaders.

Hal Stratton

Former Attorney General of New Mexico and former Chairman of the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission

Bilingual America's Cultural Mastery training gives me a great deal of hope for our future. It's an amazing experience and made a tremendous impact on my life.

Mariela Romero

Community Empowerment Director at Univision Networks and winner of 23 Emmy Awards for journalistic excellence.