Puerto Rican Jerga

Jerga is a specific type of jargon or way of saying things in Spanish. Puerto Ricans have their own unique set of jerga and in this post, I want to share with you some of the most used jerga.

jíbaro – a Puerto Rican country person. The jíbaro is revered in Puerto Rican culture and it is positive to call someone a jíbaro.
pronounced: he bah roe

janguear – this means to party or have a good time with a group of people and is part of the Spanglish regionalism common to Puerto Ricans due to their association with the United States.
pronounced: hahn gyahr

piragua – this is a Puerto Rican snow cone. The person who makes the shaved ice cone is called a piraguero in Puerto Rico.
pronounced: pee rah gwah

bichote – this is a big shot person in Puerto Rico.
pronounced: bee cho tay

nítido – this is like saying cool in Puerto Rico.
pronounced: knee tee doe

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